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Mutual Meditation – Episode 3

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Mutual Meditation Episode 3

Finding Your Chakra

Join Ganesha’s favorite concubine Willow as she guides you through a meditation to find your soul’s power center with ABSOLUTELY NO LIVE MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT WHATSOEVER. We’re so much better off this way, you’ll see. You will all see.


Self Meditating with Todd

ROBONER 2Self Meditating

Episode 1: Hangover Relief

Y’all guys bet your asses you got a hangover. Todd (with NO HELP from Willow) guides you MF-ers through a meditation to relieve that shit, like for real, mang. This podcast is approved by Roboner, so you know it’s totally bitchin’.

Mutual Meditation – Episode 2

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Mutual Meditation Episode 2

Easing Workplace Tension

Willow, the first female incarnation of the Dalai Lama (unrecognized), helps you meditate to relieve strife and anxiety in the workplace. Her former lifemate Todd provides musical accompaniment for the least enlightened portion of the episode.

Mutual Meditation – Episode 1

with Willow and ToddMutual Meditation Episode 1

Mutual Meditation with Willow and Todd

Episode 1: Stress and Tension Relief

Join University of Oaksterdam-certified meditationologist Willow as she guides you on a brief five-minute meditation to relieve your stress and tension. Her lifemate Todd provides soothing musical accompaniment.